Hi! My name is Dianna, and I am the founder, CEO, and (grand)mother of Momo's Secret. In every household, the first grandchild gives their grandparents a nickname to be passed on. In our family, our very first grandson gave me the nickname "Momo," and that is what all my grandchildren call me.

As a child, I have shared the most beautiful memories with my Grandmother, and I want to give my grandchildren the same. We play, cook, pray, and work together. One hot summer day, while a few of my little grandsons were playing in our backyard, one of them said, "Momo, my hands are dirty. Wipe them, please!" My little sunshine balls were radiant. Radiant as dirty, sweaty little boys are, smelling like wet puppies. I had to giggle, these little guys want me to clean their hands, but do not want to take a bath? Light bulb moment! They like the Simply Magic!!! And it Works!


    Despite numerous air fresheners and organic cleaning products claiming to be all-natural and scent-free, I just could not find a product that would work with my husband's allergies. He is hypersensitive to all sorts of flowery smells, trees, and scents. Only one trigger spray of anything I purchased, and my poor husband's eyes would be burning, and his nose would be runny all day. More so, these products were usually sweet-smelling or overbearing medicinal smelling aromas that brought a nauseating scent instead of a calming one. Not what I wanted. I needed something to truly clean and deodorize while leaving a neutral fresh clean scent. Truly taking the odors away. As a worried wife, I set out on a hunt for a product that would clean and eliminate an odor and not just create a strong aroma in the air to cover it up. I also wanted a product that I not only could use around the little ones, but on them as well. The problem was I could not find anything that did what I wanted it to do. So, being raised with the mindset of "If you are not happy with the way things are, do something yourself to make it work better for you," I did what I had to do. I experimented for a long while, and that's how Simply Magic was born.



Simply Magic is an all-in-one product that can be used as a hand sanitizer, a multi-purpose cleaner for all surfaces, an air freshener and so much more. 

Simply Magic is safe for kids and pets. Can be used to clean toys and baby care surfaces. Use as a mosquito spray, even repels little bugs around the house.

Simply Magic has a botanical formula that eliminates all odors with no rinse required. 100% Natural our product is sourced and made in the USA. Contains zero water and alcohol; it is bleach, phosphate, and cruelty-free as well. 

I have spent years experimenting and formulating a guaranteed all-natural product that's non-allergen to meet my family’s needs, and I am sure you will love it as well. 

Hand sanitizer ♥

Spray, Rub and it goes away! No gooey, sticky residue left behind just soft and moisturized hands.

Air freshener ♥

Cooking dinner and the dining area's smelling like fried bacon, chicken, or fish?  Use Simply Magic to make it all go away. Scents of tobacco, sweat, and any other awful odors from shoes, fabric, and air disappear like Magic. No more cover-ups! Just clean and fresh air!

Use it anywhere ♥

The best part about Simply Magic? It is an impressive cleaner of wood surfaces, countertops, tables, and cabinets, leaving them shiny and protected. Will remove finger marks from appliances, doorknobs, and fixtures with stellar efficiency. Simply Magic can be safely used around the house, car, bathroom, and just about anywhere, even when my husband is around. Bye, bye, runny eyes, and nose! Welcome to a new way to keep your surroundings clean and chemical-free.



Save more with all-in-one product

Forget the time that you had to buy a hand sanitizer, a freshener for the air, another for smelly shoes, another to clean your counter, and the list goes on and on; now you have Simply Magic!

The new darling of Mom's and Grandmas

Moms and Grandmas are Warriors in a Family, always looking for better ways to take care of their loved ones. Join our Army of women that have found Simply Magic the solution to keep their homes protected and chemical free.

To use Indoors and Outdoors

Simply Magic can be used anywhere inside or outside of your home. You can use it without cleaning gloves. Our all-natural formula is safe and will leave your hands soft and moisturized.

Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize

Cleans and eliminates odors, Sanitize, disinfect, protect the skin leaving no residue, and Deodorizes shoes, towels, bedding, and all fabrics around your house, leaving behind a germ-free path. This is the power of Simply Magic!